Using Mac as a cloud computer

My macbook is often burned on fire even with a small work.

So I decided to get my macbook out of my room to cold place within my home.

Current Temperature Status


before doing this my macbook's temperature used to reach about over 90℃. but now it doesn't

To do it I got a thing to do for this.

The first thing to do is to set this code to notify me how it is cold or hot and if it is too cold it needs to be warmed to protect cold hazard so this code does this.

Setup the code like below

The second thing is to install teamviewer and config safe like below. Set incoming lan connect into "Exclusively" to prevent connections from out of my home

Setting it exclusive lan mode allows only users in the same ip area (internal network)

Third thing is to disable korean keyboard. it is sad.

using both korean and english keyboard in the same time causes short cut conflit. I dont know why.

To disable it solves this problem.

The reason why this article is written in english is it

Fourth thing is to bind short cut key in vscode especially Option+Shift+F(Format) into Shift+`.

Because Option+Shift+F doesn't work. I don't know why as well.

macbook with 4k monitor